Open Data

List of Datasets:

* Pricing Datasets

Datasets include products information across different locations. These include:

[ProductID], [Store Name], [Zip code], [Detailed Categ], [Categ Sequence], [Main Categ], [Sub Categ1], [Sub Categ2], [Sub Categ3], [Sub Categ4], [Brand], [Product Name], [Product Description], [SKU], [Price], [Item Size], [Item Unit], [Min Sale Qty], [Bundle Cost], [Is On Sale] ,[Discount], [Sales Start Date], [Sales End Date], [Max Sellable Amount], [Is Bundle], [Scraped On], [Month] and [Week].

* Health Datasets

Datasets include products barcodes, products names, ingredients, calories, fat, cholesterol and other nutrition information.

* Economic Datasets

Datasets include economic indicators such as employment and unemployment rates, household incomes, labor force, average hourly earnings and other indicators.

* Social Media Datasets

Datasets include tweets about: FIFA, Health, Qatar siege “Hissar” and QU. Most of the tweets are in English but some of them are in Arabic. These tweets were taken from Qatar, Iran, Jordan, KSA, North America, UK and other countries.