Open Access

Hi All! I moved my research, datasets, databases, scripts, and other useful resource here. Specifically you will find a large collection of datasets in multiple formats. I am also sharing some R and Python AI scripts and snippets for data processing, cleaning, sorting, mining, analyzing, etc; Some are for predictive modeling, regression, and classification. There are also databases and their corresponding data warehouses. On this open research tab, you will also find my research available for you to download. I am preparing a blockchain innovation lab that will primarily provide facilities to innovate blockchain solutions and to execute advance machine learning algorithms on large scale datasets. This lab should be ready by the end of October 2020.
I can also lend a large collection of Lego Serious Play (LSPĀ©) blocks for Students, entrepreneurs, established local businesses and government to use. My LSP kits can accommodate 12 participants.

Open Data

All sorts of Datasets including GCC and US economic data, Local and US health related data, GCC and international social media data, GCC and US product pricing data, and many more. Click Open Data above.

Open Access Research

All my research that I can share. Unfortunately, there’s some research that I am not allowed to share. If you need to know more about it, send me a request.

Open Lab

I am building a new blockchain innovation lab. It will be available for the public upon request and availability. This lab has cutting-edge machinery for advanced ML processing and blockchain experimentation. It also has an ideation corner with Lego serious play blocks to facilitate innovations and problem solving. Stay tuned for more news. The lab inauguration is soon.

Useful Links

there are many more useful websites that share their data and more. checkout the useful links tab.

Data Requests

Can’t find what you are looking for. Drop me a line. Maybe a can help.